Blackwing Lair:

Blackwing Lairedit raid

Date: Sat Apr 04, 2020 4:00 pm
Attendees: 36
1 Attendance  Raid 19/02/2020 Event DKP360.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:00 pm
Total: 0
2 Razorgore the Untamed   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:01 pm
3 Vaelastrasz the Corrupt   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:02 pm
4 Broodlord Lashlayer   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:03 pm
5 Firemaw   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:04 pm
6 Ebonroc   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:05 pm
Ebony Flame Gloves Spoonthief 1500
Total: 1500
7 Flamegor   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees36 Event Date4:06 pm


Attendees By Class

ClassAttendeesClass Percentage
DruidBearamedic, Potionseller, Vinoa3 (8.33%)
Hunter*Ainsley, *Maybesomeone, 3 (8.33%)
Mage*Thevoodookid, *Kinkymage, *Tictac, *Babawande, Tommypickles5 (13.89%)
PaladinTheadred, Vokial, *Dojo, Amallia4 (11.11%)
PriestSwiftheal, Spoonthief, Davepriest, Granvang, Chanei, *Fyrehawks6 (16.67%)
Rogue*Kergath, *Smeghead, Sabrè, Smeghead4 (11.11%)
Warlock*Adaranth, Jenkins, Darkmoncer, Sukio4 (11.11%)
WarriorRyath, Charm, Shen, Killfrenzy, Jointviper, *Cb, *Brontus7 (19.44%)

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