Event Reporting

Classic 40 Man
Baron Geddon
Battleguard Sartura
Broodlord Lashlayer
Fankriss the Unyielding
Golemagg the Incinerator
Majordomo Executus
No show (without prior notification)
On Time/In Raid
Princess Huhuran
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Top Up
Razorgore the Untamed
Sulfuron Harbinger
The Prophet Skeram
Trash mob
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
Event Item Report

Total Items


Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Belt of Never-Ending Agony] 115001,500.00
[Carapace of the Old God] 7149502,135.71
[Cloak of Clarity] 4100002,500.00
[Cloak of the Devoured] 246002,300.00
[Dark Storm Gauntlets] 125002,500.00
[Eye of C'Thun] 7105001,500.00
[Eyestalk Waist Cord] 246002,300.00
[Grasp of the Old God] 129002,900.00
[Husk of the Old God] 7123501,764.29
[Mark of C'Thun] 226001,300.00
[Ring of the Godslayer] 1250250.00
[Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun] 1250250.00

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Belt of Never-Ending Agony] 1500Druid DruidVinoa
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Warrior WarriorManshield
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Rogue RogueHoltessa
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Warrior WarriorShen
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Warrior WarriorJointviper
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Rogue RogueSmeghead
[Carapace of the Old God] 1150Warrior WarriorOmyn
[Carapace of the Old God] 2300Warrior WarriorCharm
[Cloak of Clarity] 2500Priest PriestSwiftheal
[Cloak of Clarity] 2500Priest PriestDavepriest
[Cloak of Clarity] 2500Priest PriestSpindoc
[Cloak of Clarity] 2500Priest PriestGranvang
[Cloak of the Devoured] 2300Mage MageTommypickles
[Cloak of the Devoured] 2300Warlock WarlockSukio
[Dark Storm Gauntlets] 2500Mage MageRiccomagu
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Warlock WarlockJenkins
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Hunter HunterWaoka
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Priest PriestMachis
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Mage MageTommypickles
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Priest PriestTot
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Hunter HunterAgoneus
[Eye of C'Thun] 1500Mage MageNanuq
[Eyestalk Waist Cord] 2300Mage MageTommypickles
[Eyestalk Waist Cord] 2300Warlock WarlockFidlock
[Grasp of the Old God] 2900Druid DruidPotionseller
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Mage MageIcydaugh
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Mage MageNanuq
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Priest PriestSpoonthief
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Mage MageMystic
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Mage MageTinydojo
[Husk of the Old God] 1900Mage MageTommypickles
[Husk of the Old God] 950Priest PriestSpindoc
[Mark of C'Thun] 1300Druid DruidChaturgha
[Mark of C'Thun] 1300Warrior WarriorShen
[Ring of the Godslayer] 250Warrior WarriorRyath
[Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun] 250Hunter HunterAgoneus

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
357001,900.00Druid Druid
332501,083.33Hunter Hunter
10196001,960.00Mage Mage
8158501,981.25Priest Priest
246002,300.00Rogue Rogue
361002,033.33Warlock Warlock
7119001,700.00Warrior Warrior
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em