Event Reporting

Classic 40 Man
Baron Geddon
Battleguard Sartura
Broodlord Lashlayer
Fankriss the Unyielding
Golemagg the Incinerator
Majordomo Executus
No show (without prior notification)
On Time/In Raid
Princess Huhuran
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Point Top Up
Raid Top Up
Razorgore the Untamed
Sulfuron Harbinger
The Prophet Skeram
Trash mob
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
Event Item Report

Total Items


Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Belt of Transcendence] 9124001,377.78
[Bloodfang Belt] 575001,500.00
[Boots of Pure Thought] 4104002,600.00
[Cloak of Draconic Might] 117001,700.00
[Draconic Maul] 1700700.00
[Dragonfang Blade] 21400700.00
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 669501,158.33
[Helm of Endless Rage] 52600520.00
[Judgement Belt] 51250250.00
[Mind Quickening Gem] 888501,106.25
[Nemesis Belt] 444001,100.00
[Netherwind Belt] 83750468.75
[Netherwind Bindings] 1500500.00
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 63400566.67
[Red Dragonscale Protector] 21600800.00
[Rune of Metamorphosis] 2750375.00
[Stormrage Belt] 2500250.00
[Waistband of Wrath] 72250321.43

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Belt of Transcendence] 500Priest PriestSpindoc
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Machis
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Priest PriestDavepriest
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Priest PriestFyrehawks
[Belt of Transcendence] 850Priest PriestChanei
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Priest PriestSwiftheal
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Priest PriestTot
[Belt of Transcendence] 1700Priest PriestGranvang
[Belt of Transcendence] 850Priest PriestSpoonthief
[Bloodfang Belt] 1500Rogue RogueKergath
[Bloodfang Belt] 1500Rogue RogueSabrè
[Bloodfang Belt] 1500Rogue RogueHoltessa
[Bloodfang Belt] 1500Rogue RogueSmeghead
[Bloodfang Belt] 1500Rogue RogueKicsibobo
[Boots of Pure Thought] 2900Paladin PaladinMelitelle
[Boots of Pure Thought] 2500Druid DruidBearamedic
[Boots of Pure Thought] 2500Paladin PaladinAmallia
[Boots of Pure Thought] 2500Paladin PaladinVokial
[Cloak of Draconic Might] 1700Druid DruidVinoa
[Draconic Maul] 700Druid DruidVinoa
[Dragonfang Blade] 700Warrior WarriorCharm
[Dragonfang Blade] 700Rogue RogueHoltessa
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 1300Hunter HunterIcebreaker
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 1300Hunter HunterAinsley
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 1300Hunter Hunter
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 1300Darkdojo
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 450Defcom
[Dragonstalker's Belt] 1300Hunter HunterQuzmor
[Helm of Endless Rage] 700Warrior WarriorCharm
[Helm of Endless Rage] 350Warrior WarriorRyath
[Helm of Endless Rage] 350Warrior WarriorShen
[Helm of Endless Rage] 500Warrior WarriorManshield
[Helm of Endless Rage] 700Warrior WarriorOmyn
[Judgement Belt] 250Paladin PaladinPrehoffer
[Judgement Belt] 250Paladin PaladinVokial
[Judgement Belt] 250Paladin PaladinAmallia
[Judgement Belt] 250Paladin PaladinKally
[Judgement Belt] 250Paladin PaladinTheadred
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageMystic
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageJynkemanden
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageTictac
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1700Mage MageTinydojo
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageTommypickles
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageModera
[Mind Quickening Gem] 550Mage MageAcemon
[Mind Quickening Gem] 1100Mage MageKinkymage
[Nemesis Belt] 1100Warlock WarlockFidlock
[Nemesis Belt] 1100Warlock WarlockDarkmoncer
[Nemesis Belt] 1100Warlock WarlockAdaranth
[Nemesis Belt] 1100Warlock WarlockSukio
[Netherwind Belt] 350Mage MageAstute
[Netherwind Belt] 700Mage MageEnkrypted
[Netherwind Belt] 350Mage MageAcemon
[Netherwind Belt] 250Mage MageLjenkins
[Netherwind Belt] 350Mage MageIcydaugh
[Netherwind Belt] 350Mage MageMystic
[Netherwind Belt] 700Mage MageTictac
[Netherwind Belt] 700Mage MageModera
[Netherwind Bindings] 500Mage MageEnkrypted
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 700Paladin PaladinAmallia
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 700Druid DruidBearamedic
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 350Warlock WarlockFidlock
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 700Priest PriestFyrehawks
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 250Priest PriestMachis
[Pendant of the Fallen Dragon] 700Priest PriestSwiftheal
[Red Dragonscale Protector] 500Paladin PaladinPrehoffer
[Red Dragonscale Protector] 1100Paladin PaladinTheadred
[Rune of Metamorphosis] 500Druid DruidChaturgha
[Rune of Metamorphosis] 250Druid DruidPotionseller
[Stormrage Belt] 250Druid DruidChaturgha
[Stormrage Belt] 250Swiftbeast
[Waistband of Wrath] 900Warrior WarriorShen
[Waistband of Wrath] 450Warrior WarriorJointviper
[Waistband of Wrath] 900Warrior WarriorCb
[Waistband of Wrath] 0Warrior WarriorKillfrenzy
[Waistband of Wrath] 0Warrior WarriorRyath
[Waistband of Wrath] 0Warrior WarriorCharm
[Waistband of Wrath] 0Warrior WarriorOmyn

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
76600942.86Druid Druid
452001,300.00Hunter Hunter
1713100770.59Mage Mage
11114501,040.91Paladin Paladin
11123501,122.73Priest Priest
682001,366.67Rogue Rogue
54750950.00Warlock Warlock
135550426.92Warrior Warrior
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em