After 2 Raids in Nighthold

by Charmagon, 31 days ago

So this week has seen the release of Nighthold and most of the guild was very excited to see the new content. Our first raid there took place on Friday and was extremely successful in terms of progression as we cleared a total of 7 bosses on normal. Unfortunately I missed the first half of this raid so I will need to post the remaining screen shots later on.

Our second night was our final clear on normal with the raid finishing 15 minutes early. Guldan was an excellent fight but we killed it relatively quickly once people started to understand the mechanics.

It's been a great week to be part of Wild Cards and will be better still as we turn out attention to heroic.

Here are the kill screen shots for latest to oldest.

Forum Image


Forum Image


Forum Image


Forum Image

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A new year bringing many changes

by Charmagon, 38 days ago

Holiday periods are always a difficult time for any guild. People will stop playing to spend time with family and friends; some of which do not return due to changes in their social priorities. In retail, we were prepared for this transitional period and have come out the other end in an extremely strong position. But it is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to Wild Cards on Hellfire.

The population on Hellfire L4G had dropped to unsustainable levels but up to this point the leadership of Wild Cards Hellfire did an excellent job of keeping things going as long as they could. With this in mind I want to make a special thank you to Sorina for his efforts as Hellfire GM and to the officers and people who supported him. Sorina, you have proved to be a good leader and I wish you the very best in the future where ever that might be.

For all the people that are moving on, I have the following picture:

Forum Image

Feel free to join us on retail, if you are still looking for a new home. Other wise I wish you all the best of luck.

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Wild Cards Breaks into Mythic Raiding - Nythendra Down

by Charmagon, 80 days ago

It is the cold run up to Christmas and activity is starting to drop as people prepare to spend time with their loved ones. But that didn't stop us getting a Mythic raid together this Friday and having some fairly solid tries on Nythendra.

Everyone seems to have learnt from past mistakes and was in a much better place this time around.

By mid-raid we narrowly got the kill.


Forum Image


It was a good fight but it also meant that we reached the alliance guild top spot on Draenor according to Wowprogress. Big thank you for everyone who worked hard to allow this to happen, and congratulations to everyone who walked away with loot.

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